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3 Reasons to prefer professional Real Estate Photography. (For Real Estate agents and firms)

Updated: Jul 5

1. The photos you post online, are the first impression

Internet is the way your customers search for local businesses, and sure enough, real estate agents and local real estate firms are no different.

There's a big chance that your potential homebuyers are recurring to Google in order to find their dream house.

The photos you post on your social media and your website creates a big first impression on your customers, and they can be a deal breaker if you don't show quality from the get go.

Low quality photos, amateur photos or photos taken poorly with a smartphone, can quickly disuade a prospective homebuyer who will surely look somewhere else to put his attention.

It's important to understand, the attention span of users nowadays is no more then 5 seconds or less, which means, that if you don't have a compelling eye-catching photo that can draw the attention from just a thumbnail, you just have lost a sale.

A professional high quality photos just makes everything looks right and astonishing and they represent all of the aspects of the property in the best way possible, giving the opportunity to the buyers to take a look at the house and make the decision to go visit it.

An element to consider as well, is that when you represent your listings with professional real estate photos, you are demonstrating that you care, you have invested in showing the property in the best way possible, which homebuyers will perceive, creating a deeper trust in you

Spacious living room of a flat in Villanova I Geltru, Catalunya, Spain
Domum Real Estate Photography Barcelona

2. Faster sales with professional real estate photography!

Homes represented by professional high-quality real estate photos sell quicker than homes lacking stellar visuals, as online browsers are far more likely to click on an ad or listing if it's attached to attractive property images.

Professional photos can also give a feeling of higher value and quality. Potential clients are going to be much more serious about high-quality, meaning you may find that you have to negotiate less.

Fewer negotiations mean a faster sale, which translate into less time spent at showings. Having a less busy schedule, gives you more time for seeking out other clients and expanding your local reach.

As an average, properties with professional photos are on the market 40 days less than the ones without.

If you are having a hard time waiting for your listing to sell, you should invest in high-quality real estate photography.

3. Homes with high quality photos sell for more

This is truly an important one!.

Did you know that high quality photos can boost the apparent value of a property?, and did you know that for that same reason, it can compel homebuyers to visit the home sooner?

This is the reason why properties with professional images are on the market for a shorter period of time. And when that window of opportunity shortens, the homebuyers will spend less time around to negotiate.

The competition to get the property gets more fierce, which can be felt by the potential homebuyer, who ultimately will make an offer at asking price or even above asking price.

And now that you understand the true value of high-quality real estate photography, how do you get started?

Humberto Segura.

Real Estate Photographer in Barcelona

Creator of DOMUM Real Estate Photography

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