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Frequently asked questions

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Do i have to get the property ready for the shooting or will you do the cleaning and staging?

We will shoot the property "as is", so we strongly recommend you to prepare beforehand and leave the property as tidy as you can, removing all the objects you don't want to be shown in the photo. 

At the day of the shoot we might move some furnitures or objects in order to have a better composition of the photo, but it will be your task to leave everything ready.  

How many photos will I receive?

That depends on the pack you choose, we offer 3 different packs to suit your needs. 

Can I have fewer (or more) photos than what you offer in your packages?

Our "Express pack" with 10 photos is the minimum, meaning we start from there at the price set. But of course we can create a custom package beyond the "Express pack". 

When will I have my photos ready?

Photos will be delivered within 5 days (working days) of the photo shoot. We will provide two sets of images - one optimized for printing (High Quality) and another set for web and social media use. Expedited delivery is available for an additional cost.

​When and how do I have to pay?

After both parties have agreed on a date and time, the appointment will be considered “booked” as soon as the 30% of the final price is paid. 

The remaining 70% payment is due within 5 days (working days) of the photo shoot 

Once you done the shooting, will I be able to select the final photos?

Sure you will! An album will be created for you with all the photos (with no digital retouch). From there you will be able to select the ones you would like to receive as a final product. With that selection we will retouch the photos and deliver those to you. 

At the day of the shooting, can I suggest angles for the photos?

Absolutely!, in fact, we encourage the clients to be present at the shooting, so that we can choose together the best angles. Your input is important when choosing the best rooms and angles to photograph.

Am I the owner of the photos once I have them?

Technically, what you will have is a "license" to use the photos (perpetually) for the purpose of selling or renting your property. That right of usage is granted to you (and not to a third party), the moment you pay the full amount for the photos. 

So can I use the photos indefinitely?

Definitely yes!, you can use the photos indefinitely for the purpose of selling or renting your property. So you can put them on your website, social media, print them or any other means you see fit.

My property is not in barcelona, can you travel outside Barcelona? 

We do not only work in Barcelona, if you live in Maresme or Garraf we also travel free of charge.

The bedding looks untidy and there's an unwanted object in the photo, will you remove it on photoshop?

As said before, the photos will be taken on location "as is", so you have to take care of the tidiness of the house and that there won't be any unwanted objects in the rooms. A guide will be delivered by me in order for you to avoid those situations. 

In any case, if an "advanced retouching" is requested by the client, such as removal of cars, objects, or major blemishes. We will supply an estimate before beginning work

I need the photos in a hurry, can you deliver them now?

If you need the photos in a rush, let us know and we can do it fast!. A fee will be charged

I would love for you to take the pictures of my property, what do we do now? 

Just send me a message explaining what kind of property is it, and if you are selling or you want to rent out. 

We´ll take it from there!!

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