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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

If you are in the process of selling or renting your property, you are probably asking yourself, how can I get the highest possible price without having to invest a large amount of money.

Well, this is possible and it will only require certain actions on your part.

In this article I will give you some suggestions to follow, in order to increase the selling or rentring price of your property and stand out from your competition.

Marketing failures in the real estate market in Barcelona and its surroundings and how you can use them to your advantage.

One of the things that after living 6 in Barcelona has caught my attention tremendously and after seeing countless apartments for rent on various platforms, is the little attention paid in the efforts to showcase the properties in the best way.

I mean that, on many occasions the properties are shown, through photographs evidently made in an amateurish way, either by the owner or the real estate agent.

Showing for example, disorder in the property, many times clothes on the bed, reflections of people in the shot, unflattering angles, lack of clarity of the distribution of the property, and so I can go on and on.

What this immediately creates in those looking to buy or rent, is a perception of lower quality and therefore lower value of the property. They fail to appreciate the virtues of the property.

In short, if the person offering the property displays it in a careless manner, why should I, as a buyer or interested tenant, make the effort to pay a little more for something that does not seem to deserve it?

Or from the point of view of the one wishing to sell or rent, "with my minimal effort am I attracting the type of buyer or interested tenant I wish to obtain?"

Use that to your advantage in order to increase the selling or renting price of your property .

However, that negative point that is so commonly seen in the local market, for you it can be quite the opposite, a great advantage!

With little effort and investment you can separate yourself from the rest of the offers and stand out with your ad, achieving more demand for the sale or rental of your property, and higher income by being able to sell or rent your property at a higher price.

Perceived value.

What you must achieve is to create a higher "perceived value", that is, the subjective perception that potential buyers or tenants have about the value and advantages of your property compared to the rest.

Precisely to achieve a higher perceived value when selling or renting your property, and increase the selling or renting price of your property, I advise you to follow the following suggestions:

1. Aesthetic improvements of your property: Improve the appearance of your property through cleaning, tidy up what is cluttered, and if it is possible for your budget, think about painting walls, replace outdated accessories or update the decoration.

These actions can make your property look more modern and attractive, increasing the chances of being positively valued.

2. Repairs: Whether you want to sell or rent, it is essential to have the property in good condition, you must take care that there are no structural damages, leaks or plumbing or electrical problems.

Especially for those who rent, you must keep in mind that it is not enough just to display the property in the best way, remember that the comments on the various platforms of those who have stayed in your house or apartment, will increase or decrease the perceived value.

3. Add amenities: If it is within your budget, consider adding certain amenities that increase the attractiveness of your property, such as security systems, high-end appliances, air conditioning systems, etc.

4. Highlight unique features: You should identify and highlight the features that make your property unique. It can be a panoramic view, a privileged location, the tranquility of the area where it is located or ample spaces. Those looking to buy or rent your property will do so with these features in mind.

5. Optimize space: There is no one who does not enjoy large spaces, so if possible, try to achieve a more open distribution. Move furniture or get rid of those of lesser value that do not contribute to the aesthetics or functionality of your property. If you can, create multifunctional areas that attract a wide range of potential buyers or tenants.

6. Improve lighting: A point that not many people think about is lighting. Cold or dark lighting is not welcoming and does not invite potential buyers or tenants to visit.

In contrast, proper lighting will create the feeling of a larger, more inviting space. Consider updating light fixtures or adding light fixtures where needed to improve the light indoors or outdoors.

7. Home staging: An investment that can be well worth it if you want to generate more value to your property, is home staging. There are professionals whose job is to decorate and organize the property to show its greatest potential in an attractive and welcoming way.

8. Professional Real Estate Photographs: As I mentioned before, this is an important point that many real estate agents, sellers and tenants neglect.

There is a temptation to take photos of the property with a cell phone in the belief that avoiding one more "expense" will achieve the same result, but this is a mistake. Hiring the services of a professional photographer is a worthwhile investment if you want to increase the "perceived value" of your property.

A real estate photographer has the experience and skills to take advantage of the best angles, use the right lighting and highlight the features of the property.

It is also a savings of your time and effort as they will get the images right, taking care of the entire process, from preparing the property to editing and delivering the final images, allowing both owners and real estate agents from other important tasks.

Finally, professional photographs convey an image of professionalism and care in the presentation of the property, increasing the confidence of potential buyers or tenants.

9. Competitive prices: Study the prices in the area where the property is located and use them as a reference.

Although you can increase the sale or rental price of your property by following these suggestions, you should always consider what prices exist in your area. A suitable price will generate more interest and will manage to attract buyers or tenants more quickly.

10. Customer service: Offer excellent customer service throughout the entire sale or rental process. Friendly and professional attention can influence the positive perception of the property and the real estate agent.

Here are 10 suggestions that will undoubtedly increase the perceived value of your property and differentiate you from the rest of the competitors.

I advise you to combine them and keep in mind that all these suggestions are an investment, either in time or money, but you will quickly see the benefits of them.

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